• A broken reflection
    That’s what I see.
    When I look in the mirror,
    I’m stabbed with agony.

    I used to be whole
    Beautifully full
    But now I am empty
    Splitting my soul.

    Choking back tears
    Hiding the pain
    An umbrella of hate
    In the spitting rain.

    Hating my choices
    All I hear are voices
    Of my past
    Yet they can’t last

    Laughing yet feeling
    A need to cry
    My heart is broken
    Piercing me inside.

    A broken reflection
    Shattered to pieces
    The pain that wells up
    A hurt that never ceases.

    My breath sucked from me
    Leaving me drained
    Its killing me softly
    My heart alone and pained

    Trying to go on
    And put away the piece
    Of my heart you kept
    When you left my dreams

    You walked away from
    My tomorrow
    Leaving me to drown
    In love’s sorrows

    Left in a raging fire
    Burning strong with desire

    To see your smiling face
    To be locked in you warm embrace
    To look into your deep eyes
    And see a love that fills me inside

    To look in the mirror
    And see not a broken heart
    But a beautiful girl
    Loved from inside out.

    A broken reflection
    That’s what I see
    Hoping one day
    You might love me.