• Your jod is to protect.
    And to keep the balance even.
    I'm stuck to my jod and I'm never leaven.
    Our jobs are dangeruse.
    They can lead to death.
    And if we're not carful.
    It caould lead to theaft.
    Killing is my job.
    Weather I like it or not.
    I've been doing it for years.
    And I've never been caught.
    Of everything I've done,
    No matter how hard I try.
    There's one thing that I've never maniged to do.
    I've never cryes.
    For God know's how long.
    Even when I know I can never be loved.
    When will I hear the dong?
    I think of my REAL family.
    How they died because of me.
    It was an accadent I swear.
    I did not mean to lose control.
    But even if I told them that they would not care.
    Our lives are dangeruse.
    Mine most of all.
    You have not had the past I have.
    And I hope you never get that call.
    Trust my words.
    When I do this job stay away.
    Don't try to fight.
    Or I might end your day.