• A fragile child
    Sitting all alone
    In a world that is wild
    She's all skin and bone

    Her brother called her glass
    For she was fragile like it
    She would sit alone in class
    It took very little just to break her a bit

    She fell in love
    She cared for him with all her heart
    He was in her dreams above
    And even more when she had to part

    When she had to move away
    She sat alone and cried
    Wishing a lot in every way
    That she didn't have to say good-bye

    Still a fragile child now
    She has nothing to gain
    Wishing to go with the flow
    Does anyone care about her pain?

    Emotions that I can't explain
    Wishing to run away
    To go somewhere and complain
    Or to just have fun and play

    Does anyone care about me?
    Does anyone care about my pain?
    I want to run and be free
    For there is nothing that I can gain

    For I am that fragile little girl
    My brother was the one that called me glass
    All alone in this cruel world
    And her disrespectful, bad class

    Still a fragile child
    Trying to stay strong
    The pain and suffering becoming mild
    In the world that is wrong

    By: Kaitlin
    October 29, 2003