• A boy and a girl
    In the same class
    Boy was tough
    Girl was fragile like glass
    They were known for their parts
    That they would play in school
    The girl never flinched
    The boy always cruel
    He use to pick on her
    For how she seemed
    Quiet lonely patience
    And one for both teams
    On the outside
    She wouldnt care what he did
    But on the inside
    Her sorrow had a lid
    That lid protected
    Her from dying
    Dying from the inside
    And vulnerablely crying
    One day what he did
    Finally made her crack
    The lid came off her sorrow
    And her will turned black
    The next day of school
    The boy had heard
    That the girl slit her wrists
    But that was absurd
    He didnt understand why
    The jokes were all just a game
    To be honest her loved her
    But she didnt feel the same
    What she went through
    In push or shove
    She didnt want
    This unwanted love