• Snowfales fall,gently and sweet
    Birds are cuddled in their nest
    Sing lulabys that go"Tweet,tweet"

    The squriells sleep peacefully
    In their tree
    While people hang holly with glee

    The one night of the year
    When everyone
    That is true and pure

    Receives gifts,and gives them too
    And people listen to
    The dove coo

    Christmas is special,for our lord's life
    Born from
    God and his beautiful wife

    This is a time for blessings and cheer
    And those are wrong
    Who think it is time for beer

    So join me in this thanks
    For this time
    When happiness overflows it's usual banks.

    The christmas faire comes to bring cheer
    To help us
    Forget about evil and drinking beer

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