• the pain shown through the eyes is merely
    she is dead inside completely
    no soul, no heart, their love sincerely
    shown fake through action clearly.

    she hurts inside, they walk away
    can they not see her pain?
    are her tears dry where she lay?
    or are they blind to her heart slain.

    they did it, they killed her
    the most of a silent murder
    she walks, no one sees
    can they not see her bleed?

    will you just let her be?
    is she invisible to you and me?
    she walks the shadows, without a soul
    can anyone make her whole?

    fix the wounds to none she's shown
    solve the puzzle all her own
    but she is dead, no hope for her stitch
    her heart is as black as pitch

    No one knows, for we are blind
    for her heart we cannot find
    it is gone forevermore
    for she is rotten to the core
    ~ Danielle Sorensen