• I told you i liked you
    i tried not to cry
    i know what to do
    and thats to tell you why

    Its the way you look at me
    its your smile
    its the way you make me feel
    every once in a while

    Cant you tell i have felt this way
    every single day
    cant you see all that you mean to me
    ive waited for this moment forever
    and trust me i want to be together
    Cant you feel what its like to be alone
    Dont you want someone you can hold
    someone you can say i love you to
    someone who makes you feel the way i do

    when im with you
    my heart turns warm
    and i know that its true
    youd protect me in a strom

    and whenever im sad
    my thoughts turn to you
    and no matter how bad
    youll always help me through


    Bridge: i know what its like to be without a friend
    and i know that i need you untill the end
    i want to be held in your arms
    i want to be with you all my life,
    for all the times i told myself i dont need you
    now that i came out with the truth i take it all back, and

    Chorus (x2)

    someone who makes you feel the way i do