• I stood on your steps with my heart in my hand

    But you cruley refused me,turning away

    I stood for a minute,then collapsed

    Loving you hurts so much,I just want the pain to end

    i looked up and saw you watching my from your window

    You shut you curtains on my tear-streaked face

    And now I am left

    Cleaning up the mess you made

    You see my skin

    It's the same I have been standing in

    Since the day you left me there

    And now I see you laughing and smiling

    And more cracks and breaks form on my heart

    You see me,but pay me no mind

    And when I say hi,you ignore me

    And here I am,waiting for someone to heal my pain,my heart like a maze

    My walls always changing so it will be harder to find the end
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