• Your Storms

    (It’s the end background singing)

    Opining my eyes, I knew that today was the day, the first day to take a stand.

    Rising from the darkness, eyes were all on me.

    I went on a journey as a one man band.

    Faces came and went; once I set out, I knew there would be no coming back.

    For all that never mattered to them,

    It seems like it’s gonna matter now.

    It’s time you take a look, a look of that you have took.

    It seems as if you’re a disaster waiting to strike.

    Faster, faster, faster,

    You go running through all you can,

    While all the girls are at your feet.

    Faster, faster, faster,

    Is how you made my heart go,

    You’d had my thoughts going to and fro.

    I pushed through the barrier that was your emotions,

    Trying to see what would make you tick.

    Thanks to you, all is gone, like a tornado on a killing spree.

    Once loose, you make it to where no one’ll be set free.

    Take a look around you. See what we’ve been through?

    To you, we have to thank.

    Alone, alone, alone,

    You’ve left us; a hurricane wiping out what’s left of our lives.

    Alone, alone, alone,

    The word cuts through me like knives.

    You’re a tsunami cleansing us of what’s innocent and pure.

    Never again will I choose to walk this road of lies.

    Because of you, we must all say our final good byes.

    Your plans are like tropical storms brewing in the Tropics.

    Among everyone’s lips we have become the most common of topics.

    Every time you talk, your voice is like a lightning strike,

    Striking someone dead.

    For once, wouldn’t it just strike you?

    I’m tired of your storms; since the day we met, the sun hasn’t come out to play.

    To this, what would you say?

    To this, I say goodbye (X2.)