• Gluttonous Greed

    Washing my life I bed your needs
    I am born into this world innocent
    Yet I have no right from my king
    To taste sweet honey, milk or bread
    The day I was born my innocence was lost
    In my mother a cold stone heart I see
    And my father, a beggar in the streets
    You feast as if your Utopia were complete
    The Americans have their weapons
    While we grow hungry
    My days of hope weaken as my body dissolves at the price of your glory.

    Feasting on the grieves of life
    Cutting joy with a butter knife
    Spreading sorrow over warm sweet bread
    Washing it down with the wine of the dead
    Devouring dreams as if they were sweets
    Ruining children for their tender meat
    Flavoring soups with annihilated dreams
    You’re falling apart at the rotten seams
    Wretched rich with their corrupted souls
    Don’t think that we don’t know
    Feasting on your morrows
    You’ll know all our sorrows
    And you won’t survive the end
    We shall escape your terror
    We shall open your eyes
    We shall banish the tyrants
    And we will not spare you your lives.