• Everyday without you puts me in deep depression
    Whenever i dont see your smile
    Makes me feel so, so miserable...
    I'm Miserable 24/7
    Miserable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    Miserable 12 months a year
    Miserable every single year
    Whenever you're not by my side
    It makes me feel so horrible
    Whatever I did wrong I'll forget forever
    I just wanna make it up to you
    I just want your forgiveness
    Please allow me back in your life
    Because without you I'm miserable 24/7
    If only you'd accept my apologies,
    It was only one mistake that i won't make again
    I am miserable 24/7
    I really wanna go back into your arms
    You are the best thing to ever happen to me
    I don't know why i ever let you go
    Now I feel so miserable
    I'm feeling miserable 24/7
    Please, take me back in your arms and in your life

    It's me.....iNote......coming soon