• My life really used to suck, I had no luck.
    I didn't know how bad it was till I lef and got a new life.
    I used to live with my mother, stepfather, sister and brother.
    Untill something bad happend.
    Then I moved to my grandmother and grandfathers.
    hat's when I understood that my life really did suck back then.
    I thought it was pretty bad, but it was worse than I thought.
    But now I'm happy and cherry like a wee little berry.
    My life is really great now.
    No more threats in my life, none cutting me like a knife.
    I'm so much happier than I use to be.
    So now everyone can see, that I'm happy.
    Way more happy.
    My hair used to cover my face, I was like a nut case.
    I use to be sad all the time and go cry.
    It pushed me to my limits and I wanted to die.
    But I'm just so happy, happy as can be.
    Now I am happy that I am me.
    I wish he didn't do what he did to me,
    But it's bad to dwell on the past, that, I do see.