• Good night
    Sleep tight
    This is the worst dream
    I've had tonight
    where you were gone
    Out of sight
    and I was left
    to win this fight
    Against myself
    All alone
    I can do it.
    Just please be home
    Because there's a fight
    Always to be won
    I can't always beg
    For you to be my sun
    Cloudy days
    Are ahead of me
    Please be patient
    So I can see
    What I really am
    Or how you see me
    because I really hate
    Who I truly am
    Because in the end
    the time has come
    For me to step up now
    and shine on
    I'm scared of life
    Because all it is
    Is fights and battles
    Be be lost and won
    The scars never stop
    Spilling their blood
    Because wounds reopen
    with each day to come
    So I can only hope
    that this isn't real
    That this is the dream
    and your here for real
    kiss me
    Hug me
    Squeeze me
    Love me
    It's all I want
    Here deep inside
    Inside the banks
    Of my dark beaten mind
    There is nothing to do
    I never can hide
    From what truly delves
    in the darkness of my mind
    I have fear
    Just like everyone else
    I fear what I cannot see
    Sometimes even myself
    So please
    Tell me
    What to do in times of need
    Should I fight
    Or should I Flee?
    But if I flee
    I can tell you now
    You'll never see me
    There is no how
    I will disappear
    Off the face of the earth
    There's nothing more
    But the monsters turf
    So I'll choose now
    To stay and fight
    to stay with you
    And take the flight.
    I cant wait
    to stop and see
    Your shining face
    Just for me.