• Today I am a normal girl
    who belongs to you

    Today I am happy girl
    because you said i love you

    Today I am cofused girl
    wondering if you meant it

    Today I am loved girl
    because you proved your self true

    Today I am thankful girl
    that i have you

    Today I am a lonley girl
    who misses you ,you just left

    Today i am a sad girl
    because you did not tell me where you went

    Today i am a wondering girl
    what i might have done wrong

    Today I am a overwhemed ,happy,loved girl

    your letter said baby im sorry i wanted to tell you
    but dad said i better not
    But baby i love you and im comeing for you
    thou you may be 345 miles away (i counted on the way)
    i will walk to you what ever it takes

    Today im am a crying with happiness girl
    because you showed up at my door
    you may have been ragged but you came back to me

    I Love You heart