• He saw her again, a broken trickle.
    Amongst the ashes, He saw the sickle.

    Of Father time had laid her rest,
    Upon His lips drew a last request.

    That His lover tried and true,
    May come back under taboo.

    That He may see her smiling face,
    and for her death would His life replace.

    And ever would His life be lost,
    But the man could see not the later cost.

    For His life was gone, all memories erased,
    And her love for Him was found and replaced.

    By a man whose features rival those of a God,
    And upon our man’s face a new façade.

    For His life did Devil’s own take,
    As payment for his last mortal mistake.

    And now the Devil lives under His name,
    He who sought peace, bows now His head in shame.

    He shall live in new spirit watching His love,
    but the fate that had come was being changed above.

    And as soon as the man’s grief had turned to content,
    The woman’s old soul made the holy accent.

    And what of the man whose wish was in vain?
    He stands by her side, his final domain.

    And what of the old Devil who's written their doom?
    Sweeping the ashes, waiting for souls to consume.