• A tremble in the darkness
    a pounding heart beat in the silence
    a soft sobbing voice releasing tears
    it’s the same every night
    can’t you hear her…
    she’s letting the melancholic thoughts
    eat her away
    a sharp intake of breath in pain
    a moment of agonizing memories
    and she’s falling again…
    lost in the every waking despair
    the echo of your voice…
    remains as a lost intense soul
    a flash of cruel sympathy
    a fulfilled horrid mirage
    I blame my self…
    for her misfortune
    I’m the one who hurt her the most (aren’t I ?)
    end the replaying words
    that tore us apart
    for I can’t take it any longer
    she’s gasping for your sweet breath
    waiting for those last few steps
    that can lead you back to her
    a shimmer of afterglow
    a spark of emotion
    everything feels like a hallucination…
    am I dreaming ? no…
    this is just a form of tolerance (ease this hurt)
    I’m sure of it…
    but still even so
    I don’t care
    as long as this burden remains
    I rather have her lost…
    in this illusion of mine
    instead of letting her eat me away