• If I didn't exist,
    You would b happy
    Never would have a care in the world
    I would not be missed or cared
    I would not cause problems
    Your life would b better
    Without sorrow.

    If I didn't exist,
    There would b no sadness
    In the would, or its people
    You would not b able to c me
    I the corner of your room
    Me caring, for everything u do
    If you could c me
    I would be crying
    Because u have found love that’s not me

    If I did exist,
    You would be with me
    Because u know I do
    No matter what people say
    You are with the other person for one reason
    Because u want some one to love

    But if I did exist,
    You would be the one
    Telling me not to cry,
    The one holding me in your arms
    Telling me, not to worry or feel one wrong thing
    With the world and its people
    You are my god, the one who cares
    Who would do anything for me to be there

    If I didn't exist you wouldn't either....