• its hard to resist
    when u call my name,
    i see your face,
    it hard to fight
    what i feel inside,
    when u come around
    my heart beats faster
    and i go crazy,
    when i first met u
    i had no idea
    wat i was getting into
    and now i know
    it was a mistake
    cuz i cant live without u now
    and im loosin my mind over u
    and i cant take it anymore
    i need u here
    i need u now
    im tryin so hard,
    but cant let u go
    cuz u make me feel this way
    and its hard to resist u
    the way u talk,
    u say my name
    say i love you
    and make me feel so mad
    cuz ur not here with me
    and i need u now
    im loosin my mind
    and i need to gain control
    over you