• light as a feather, strong as steel.
    colorful as a rainbow, soft to the feel.

    many shapes and sizes, all different and the same.
    the inner beast of me is very tame.

    he floats upon his wings, and visits his dead friends.
    his heart never heals, never mends the the trends
    trends of loss and hatred, but he rises up on his wings,
    he forgets all his problems when he sits with the old kings.

    he says "see you tomarrow grandpa" and walks out happy
    his grandfather kisses his head and see you around.
    the little boy becomes a man, so less sappy.
    now the man lays in a large mound.

    a mound of sadness, as he carries his grandfather to the land of clouds.
    he cries as he buries his grandfather, says "i'll see you soon grand dad"