• Black soles.
    Bright skys.
    Dark nights.
    Warm sunshine.
    Cold rains.
    Misty water.
    Foggy lake.
    Frozen winds.
    Warm breezes.
    Stiff air.
    Dead souls.
    Deep holes.
    Without air.
    So alone.
    So broken.
    So old.
    With nothing.
    With no body.
    All alone.
    Very cold.
    Where no one comes.
    Where only I go.
    To be alone.
    Not wanting to be shown.
    Hiding in the dark.
    Not one spark.
    With no love.
    And never one hug.
    No one kiss.
    No one even misses.
    The one thats gone.
    The one they said that gots it wrong.
    Always gone.
    Never to come back.
    To the other life.
    Back to where they think I'll be strong.
    But they think wrong.
    I'll never meet them on that end.
    They will wait forever.
    Because I'm staying here.
    And never leaving.
    Here's my home.
    My love and life is here.
    Even if you don't see it clear.
    My life will always be here.
    It doesn't matter if the others fear.
    In your heart you know I'm here.
    So forever I stay alone and cold.
    So broken and very old.
    Crying the misty waters, and foggy lakes.
    Making warm breeze and stiff air.
    Making every thing on your side seem fair.
    My side...Is Disspair.
    Your side, nobody even cares.
    They will come to mine.
    You'll just see how much I'm right.
    Because it's in plain sight.
    Right there, don't you see?
    I'm right and your carefree.
    Cross over and you'll always be.
    Just like me and always right.
    Full of this pain, now you know.
    My wisdom and rights.
    And how I feel in this place.
    Love and passion awaits.
    The kind I have hidden deep inside.
    My soul will come out.
    When you, not me, cross over and will finally see.
    Nothings impossible for you and me.
    And you will truely see, what's all this time, been happening inside of me.
    You will regret ignoring me.
    Come join my side and we'll be.
    One whole in harmony.
    I'll never once again be alone or cold,old or unshown.
    I will be here with you by my side.
    I'll teach you what's right and in sight,what's wrong and not strong.
    Love and happiness is all you depend on.
    When you come to me, life will soon be,
    Very easy for you and me.