• And i thought you said forever
    i thought you said you loved
    i thought we where ment to be
    but now you say no
    you wont ever see me
    now you say every thing is a blur and you dont know any more
    how could you say this?
    was i not loyal?
    i gave you every thing i had
    you took it and crushed it
    threw it all away
    you take my heart and give me yours
    your plastic no good fake non beating for me heart
    and take mine to burn shred and rip apart right in my face
    now i wander should i try to get you back?
    love you and keep you as my all?
    should i?
    or should i throw you away?
    drink your memories away
    strain to get every thing you said out of my head?
    i still love you
    why cant you see i would die for you?
    you blinded me with fantisy
    and you became the enemy
    i loved you as my hero then saw you as the vilan
    but i still said i love you
    i looked past your ugly features and replaced them with what you told
    no you look down on me and say my love is really old
    your the one who started this your the one who told
    you said i helped you in every way and i was your light
    you gave me joy and kept me in sight
    but now you look away
    you said i was your light
    you said not to leave sight of your light
    yet you lost sight of me
    you put me in your closet so no one elts could see
    well even though your doing this i still say "i do"
    because "i do" forever
    i forever love you
    you gave me hope
    filled my dreams
    the dreams i never saw i remember
    now i dont remember anything
    you replaced my life of sorrow
    with love a the light of the sun
    but now you ruin every thing and say your done
    i must be done to i guess
    but my love for you still lingers
    i must be done for you i guess but my patience i still here
    i linger in your closet and tell my self not to fear
    if you brought me up why push me back down
    i was in desperate need of help
    and now i feel the need to hang
    i put the rope up today
    but make sure its true
    i will jump tomorrow
    after i say " I STILL LOVE YOU"