• Tentative lips.
    Given false passion.
    You stand as my Unforgiven Eclipse.
    Finally I see through this illusion.

    Labeled me.
    Your play toy I am no more.
    Now the real me is who we finally see.
    No longer is your life my chore.

    My will in not in your control.
    My mind, not lost in a ficticous suicide.
    I control my own soul.
    I've shaken off your deadly cyanide.

    This new start.
    Caused by you, is this red bloom.
    Freed of chained shakles, is my heart.
    My insanity is no longer my doom.

    Rage fill me, with my true name called.
    Lightning crushes me with realization of who I am.
    This hedge of lies gone bald.
    I see the light destroying this sham.

    My feelings went by.
    Just like dusk to dawn.
    Dreams shattered, left to die.
    I have become my own spawn.

    It's unfrogivable what I've done.
    I've forsaken my old self.
    The true me has set like the sun.
    I am not your toy to put on a shelf.
    Someone else will fall for those tentative lips.

    Not mezmerised by those eyes.
    Not crazy by that scent.
    The deep connection quickly dies.
    Forevermore my future will not be bent.
    True malice fills my heart, as you are my
    Unforgiven Eclipse.