• Remember:

    Anything is possible,
    though nothing is assured
    The hopeless hold the answer,
    the hungery hold the cure
    On hilltops and on buildings,
    New sounds are coming clear
    You never know what you can do
    until you conquer fear

    Advice to Artists:

    All your metaphors mean nothing
    In this world of idiots, ideals are blurred
    Your imagery is misunderstood
    Your wisdom is worthless if you talk in riddles
    Your swirrling lines, patterns, and designs
    They destroy what you want to convey
    So just say what you came to say

    Calamity of Insanity:

    Everything spins
    nothing stays where it begins
    nor is this where it ends
    and thoughts are scattered, splattered
    battered and chaotic
    spacial, distracted, psychotic
    nothing is sacred
    nothing is important
    everything is a temporary toy in my playpen
    until it breaks and my attention follows suit
    without a cause
    everyone hates it, but I stay entertained
    there's nothing wrong with my brain
    but still they say that Im so insane