• Do Something About It.
    May 21st, 09'

    Do you dare,
    look in one's eyes?
    Or look away,
    hoping to not be caught by surprise?
    Do you see,
    who they really are?
    Or do you keep yourself,
    way too far?
    Do you know,
    how they feel?
    Or do you not care,
    for nothing to you is real?
    Do you know,
    when they hurt?,
    Or do you not want to admit,
    for you, yourself are shamed with dirt.
    Got a messed up life?
    Or are you just an artificial mask, above much strife?
    You know what you see, in their eyes...
    just don't know how to act, so you cover up with lies.
    You see them hurt, no power you have to use,
    for it's their own fault, something you did not choose.
    You love them so but just can't stand,
    why someone would hurt themselves, and get so out of hand.
    Love is powerful,
    it never fails.
    But if you don't do something,
    it's over the rails...