• I am a penny
    Lost out to sea
    Traveling these lands far and wide
    I own the open plains
    More knowledge then the human brain
    The secrets i may know
    But what make this life fun and hard
    I am tossed away or dropped without a care
    which means i can go and travel afar
    But knowing i am worthless to most
    Sometimes i wished i had a home
    If i did it would be hard to leave
    Because i know there is someone that cares
    I seen this world 3 times over
    I was born in 1892 when the civil war was over
    But the horrors i have seen in this life time
    At once i was the penny of Hannibal Hector
    I saw the horrors he did inside his pocket
    The scream i heard made it hard for me to say
    But i left unto another man traded for some bread
    My travels again where far and wide
    Exciting and great adventures with my companions
    Nickel, Dime, Quarter were all so funny
    But i met new ones almost everyday
    you can say i made more friends than ever
    Sometimes i had very funny encounters with an old pal
    But in the end i am just a penny that has traveled afar
    And a penny that has no worth to most
    I am a penny