• Oh baby,
    you know just how to please me...
    when I look into those crystal blue eyes,
    somtimes I just want to cry

    And I want to know,
    If you ever had to go
    would your life be
    the same without me?

    Sometimes I lie awake in bed
    just trying to clear my head,
    thinking baby,
    do you love me... anymore?

    I remember when tears drowned my eyes,
    and you held me close as I cried...
    but will that
    happen again?

    now all is quiet,
    I'm surrounded by darkness,
    all cuddled up
    in my blanket

    You're here with me,
    and about to kiss me,
    but then I realize... that this
    is just a dream....

    When I close my eyes
    I still see you there,
    running your fingers
    through my hair

    but when I open my eyes,
    you're nowhere to be seen...
    I'm just another princess
    dreaming of her prince charming...
    Why won't you rescue me...?