• If i slit my wrists do you think he'd care?
    if i slit my wrists do you think he'd be there?
    if i bleed out onto the floor do you think he'd see?
    if i tore out my heart do you think he'd believe me?
    if i cried till i couldnt no more do you think he'd ever understand?
    maybe im not just that girl that obeys his every command
    maybe im not that girl who should be treated like dirt
    maybe im not that girl who needs to be around that jerk
    maybe i could be normal
    maybe i could be real
    maybe i could be noticed
    maybe loved
    maybe feared
    will anyone ever see me for who i really am?
    will anyone ever care for me instead of who they think i am?
    will i ever be noticed?
    will i ever be free?
    just the thought makes me happy but its plain to see
    i will never be that girl
    not the pretty
    not the normal
    not the one who gets loved and cared for and noticed
    i'm just me pathetic an shy
    no one will ever see me no one will ever care
    i'm just that dumb girl that sits over there
    far in the corner in the dark with a pencil and pad
    the one no one talks to no one sees and no one cares
    i'll never be noticed
    i'll never be seen
    i'll just be that girl and that girl will be me.