• With a dollar in my pocket and a coupon unused,
    I set on my quest to find me some food. cheese_whine
    I searched for a place that was cheap and to go,
    And then I found it, my beloved Taco. idea
    It was crunchy and chewy, beefy, cheesy and sweet, 4laugh
    I loved it so much my delicious treat. heart
    I walked down the road my taco in hand, arrow
    And them came along the towns marching band. dramallama
    I stepped off the road but not quick enough, eek
    In one beat of a drum, my taco was crushed. xp
    I wept for some time, then my stomach growled, crying
    I was once again time for some yummy chow. cheese_whine
    At once i remembered the taco that had fell, gonk
    And so I headed back to Taco Bell. mrgreen