• Hooded figure
    She stands alone
    inside the house,
    a girl with hands
    small as a mouse.

    She stares along
    the empty halls,
    then something
    drizzles down the wall.

    Deep red liquids
    start to drip,
    she starts to run
    but then she trips.

    Then along the oozing walls
    she read
    "within the night
    you will be dead..."

    She screamed, got up
    and ran once more
    but to her dismay
    she found no door.

    She turned around
    and there it stood
    eight feet tall
    with a cloak and a hood.

    It grabbed her arm,
    she started to shout
    but know one heard
    her crying out.

    It draged her down
    the long hallways
    and in that time
    she heard it say
    "Your bloody sign,
    it did say,
    that you would die
    later today..."

    Knowone knows what happened
    to the girl that day,
    most think she had died
    some think she ran away.

    But in my mind
    I know what's true...
    the hooded ghost
    is waiting for you