• From time to time we come home,
    everyone in ZOMG knows every gnome....
    Will go into the giant mushroom dome,

    Here for one night they shout in glee,
    every "Hardy har," and "Hee hee!"
    Something only those invited get to see!

    But with so much festivity,
    something is always missing from the tree,
    they lost the topper one year you see...

    An old wizard named Frank hatted the light,
    So he decided to take the topper one night!
    He took the topper and disappeared from sight.

    Some say he lives up on a hill,
    East of Barton Town,
    Every year, a warrior of strong will,
    climbs the hill, only to tumble down....

    Maybe this year you'll see a grander sight,
    a flicker on Christmas night,
    In the Hall of the Gnomes Delight!
    Because of a brave Gaian Knight!

    The history of the Poem:

    Long ago before the Gambino Accident,
    Gnomes existed and lived happily,
    There was a time of year that the Christmas angel came down and gave them life you see,
    They lived in harmony for a long time known as "the Gnomes Delight."
    It was only until man came upon their land that events occured.
    You see, the angel turned them into statues for all but one day "Christmas."
    On Christmas night they were given the gift of life.
    This happened every year until the source of their life, The Angel's Topper, was taken.
    An evil wizard named Frank Time, a cousin of Father Time,
    decided that the gnomes were too happy and took the topper.
    The gnomes all became statues for the longest time, UNTIL the Gambino Incident......
    The gnomes were given Life!!! they thought they were happy, but instead only enraged! They still did not have the topper, the angel could not heal their sorrows for all of her power was in that topper.
    Feeling Alone they constructed a giant mushroom in the middle of a field, they called it "Gnomes Delight" in attempts to remember the past, but instead the annoying ruckus from goofballer's only made them angrier, The only way to restore peace is to go to Frank's Castle and get their Angel Topper back! But it will be a long quest.... you see...the only one who's been there is Rufus the cat....but he forgot the way, he needs help to save the season and all of gaia from both Frank and the Gnomes.