• Alice never really seemed to cry,
    when she fell down a hole ten stories high.
    Chasing a rabbit who was "very very late",
    for a "very very important date."

    Poor little Alice fell down the wrong hole,
    she entered a world full of horrors and ghouls.
    The rabbit she saw on the other side was skinned,
    and put on the spit of the fire to be eatened.

    She muffled her loud screams,
    and drank a bottle that said,"Drink me".
    Thus her adventured began in a Upside Down Wonderland.
    Into the darkness she found a small clearing,
    with beautiful flowers in a deadly garden.

    The flowers were mean and nasty.
    They pinched and poked poor Alice.
    She cried out loud and fell to the ground,
    there she crawled until she found her way out.

    Now at a clearing to a dark and black forest,
    Alice clutched her dress and made a run for it.
    Stopping her in her tracks she saw a smile,
    the breath of it smelled bile.

    Appearing from the shadows came a cat,
    a menacing one at that!
    Alice ran past the laughing hissing thing,
    covering her mouth to muffle her screams.

    Finally she made it to a royal clearing,
    of hearts of humans on a tree bleeding.
    She quickly grabbed her chest,
    and then she heard, "Off with her head!"

    An evil queen so digusting and fat,
    swung at Alice with a huge giant axe.
    Alice duck and ran trying to get away,
    but instead she tripped and fell on a wooden stake.

    Now Alice's heart is a part of tree,
    that is a reminder for you and me.
    That if you get curious and follow a rabbit down a hole,
    that you know where that hole might go!
    For if you don't you might end up like Alice,
    with a heart as an ornament for a tree!