• Hey, how are you today?
    Did you really forget?
    I knew you were like the rest
    Your something I'll regret

    Because I was...
    Locked up and forgotten
    By your cruel heart
    You knew not love nor sorrow

    I thought you were different
    I'd get a new fresh start
    But instead I was locked up and forgotten
    By my fool of a heart

    You took advantage of my love for you
    And in turn I stupidly fought with you
    But why was I treated so bad by you
    Was it your plan to make me miserable

    I should have known because thats's just like you
    So now there's a dead bolt in my brain
    Metal chains running through my veins
    There's a lock on my heart....And you use to have the key
    Because you were the one who locked up and forgot about me.....

    Now the key moves to another
    Both in turn honest and true
    But in good time
    He may lock me up and forget about me to.....