• Remember our midnight dance
    It was a clear beautiful sky
    The night sky light up by the bright stars
    Finally seeing you standing there
    In the place I told you we could meet
    I give you a light smile as you walk up to me
    Taking my hand you press it against your cheek
    You look at me with those soft blue eyes
    You know they sparkle in the midnight sky
    Kissing me ever so gently on my lips
    You wrap your arms around me waist
    Leading me into the dance
    Swaying to and fro we weave in and out
    Dancing to the beat of the rustling leaves and the cooing breeze
    Moving with the wind we sway
    Holding each other tight if anyone could only see
    The beautiful dance we created that night
    No one can understand the love that was sparked up that very night
    And it burns ever so bright like the stars in the sky