• The sun makes it's approach,
    you smile,
    carelessly tossing your hands into the air,
    without even a single worry,
    a single care.

    And you've spent your whole life here,
    free from tears,
    free from fear.

    Sunlight rays gleam off your hair,
    bright flowers bunch,
    and grow at your feet,
    cherry blossoms float through the air.

    You laugh loudly,
    it rings and echos,
    you realize there's no one here,
    no one near.

    Though you've been happy,
    you've been alone,
    not single word has ever been uttered,
    by another soul.

    You lay down onto the grass,
    staring into the sky,
    wondering if it truly mattered,
    if you were to die.

    A single cherry blossom,
    catches your tear,
    and whispers sweet words,
    into your ear.

    But still,
    it would never be enough.

    There would never be anymore laughter,
    or sunlight streaming through your hair,
    for all that's left there,
    is a puddle,
    with a single tear.