• I dwell in this place cold, hollow, and black.
    I wanted to leave here, to never come back.
    But then Dreams came and took on a new meaning.
    In the doorway of my mind, He stood there, leaning.
    Dreams offered a smile and reached out a hand,
    Beckoning me away to a magical land.
    And together we dance in the light of the moon,
    Laughing and smiling and singing a tune.
    Still hiding in darkness, I didn't feel so alone
    Because I had magnificent Dreams all my own.
    I sat on a hill and sighed with a smile,
    Staring at the moon, in Dreams arms all the while.
    Whispering in my ear, Sleep begged me to stay.
    Forever in Dreams' arms I was offered to lay.
    "You don't have to leave. Please don't say goodbye.
    I'll protect you from the world. My love, please don't cry!
    I'll always be here to wipe away your tears.
    I'll always be here to chase away your fears."

    I smiled, teary eyed, up at my Dreams,
    Said "I love you," and at me Dreams beamed.
    "So stay with me! Please don't leave!
    I'm the one who loves you! I believe!"

    But it was too late, I was fading away.
    I cried for a while, wanting to stay.
    But I was forced to wake up to a world so black.
    I can only hope the Dreams will come take me back.
    It seems like forever I cry and I wait,
    Until finally He comes for our magical date.
    "I'll never abandon you; I'll always come back.
    I'd never leave you alone in a world so black."