• Figurines and Trinkets of Time

    Figurines and trinkets of time
    put one and one together to make the love of mine
    from far they came, no hesitation, like a game
    Everyone was fine, made from trinkets of time

    Hearts are tough to carve and beat
    Start with a word and continue to repeat
    Happines, hope, joy and then love
    Carve a heart to beat for the man of figurines and trinkets of time

    A face of a child formed to fit a man
    with this much beauty I mine as well be damned
    dearest eyes closed and open with extereme green
    Yet a man, as if a woman, you begin to dream
    ' Is this person made of figurines and trinkets of time?
    made to fit someone such as my kind? '

    I'm so much less devine,
    so much less devine

    I have damaged my figurine made of trinkets of time
    A woman like me does not belong with someone so fine
    Take one down and minus the other to crush the love of mine
    hold his carved heart in my hand and scream

    Someone that has never lived got the chance to die
    Goodbye my figurine made of trinkets of time.