• When i first met you your soul was so alone
    You never smiled
    You never laughed
    You were alone
    And you made me feel alone

    I wanted to make you smile
    But things really didn't work out did they?

    I tried jokes
    I tried comedy
    I tried art
    I even tried hurting myself to see if that would help
    But it didn't

    I saw you a couple of days before it happened
    You were being picked on
    And I Just stood there and did nothing
    Like an Idiot
    Watching as you get hurt
    Emotionally and physically

    It hurt didn't it
    There's no denying it
    And you have to believe me
    I'm sorry

    Then I got that phone call
    It was from you
    You told me to meet you at the beach so i did

    We walked along the shore
    And none of us said a thing
    Then you looked at me and smiled

    It was a real smile
    And I could feel that your soul had grown
    I was so happy
    I smiled back
    And we laughed
    You weren't alone anymore
    And I wasn't either

    We became friends
    You were my first real friend
    And you were mine
    I was so very very happy

    We went to school together
    We ate lunch together
    We staid up all night on the phone talking to one another
    Our souls became familiar with one another
    We knew each other in and out

    Then one night around 2 am
    I got a phone call from your parents
    You had died in a accident
    And you had left me everything

    But i didn't care
    It couldn't have been true
    I ran outside even though it was raining
    And ran to where your parents had said it had been

    It was true
    There were police lines everywhere
    Police,People,Sirens,and Ambulances
    I fell to the ground crying
    It couldn't have happened
    You were my friend
    My only friend
    You were the only one i had ever felt like was family

    The police drove me home
    And told me to stay in
    I sat up alone all night expecting you to call as always
    Even though I knew you never were

    Then I felt it
    The presence of your soul
    I looked around but you were nowhere

    Then i look out the window
    And saw a butterfly
    It had your presence
    I reached my hand out to grab it but it flew away

    It was you checking on me
    You were worried for me
    Then thats when i had realized something

    Nothing lasts forever