• To the youth from the old

    "Dear child, why do you cry?"
    The old asked the youth.
    "Im sad for my friend.
    He's leaving me today."
    The old picked up the youth and hugged him.
    "They wont forget you."
    Days later the old came and saw the youth.
    "What are you doing?"
    The youth looked up to the old.
    "Im just playing cards.
    Wanna play too?"
    He held out some cards for her.
    Years later the old saw the youth.
    "Who are you with?"
    The old asked the youth.
    He was with a girl.
    "She is my girlfriend.
    She is mine."
    He hugged her tight.
    Days later the youth was seen alone.
    "What happened to your girl?"
    "She left me for another."
    A tear went down his face.
    The old wiped it away and hugged him.
    Years later the old sat in the park
    and the youth came.
    "How are you?"
    She asked.
    "Im alone once more.
    My wife died giving birth to our beautiful girl."
    He held her close in his arms.
    A tear rolled down.
    "She is watching you.
    And she misses you greatly."
    Some time later the youth searched for the old.
    But all he got was that the old had disappeared.
    The truth was she had died, in the night.
    She now watches over him and his daughter.

    To the Old from the Youth

    "Why does he hit me and call me names?"
    Said the sad girl of the youth to the old.
    "He likes you, and thinks you're cute."
    The old said with a pat on her head.
    The youth comes back another day and asks,
    "Why does she hate me? I just wanted to be her friend."
    The old looked to her and wiped her tears.
    "She nows you're special and she's jealous."
    The youth came back a few years later.
    "I like him. But he has some one else."
    She sighed and frowned.
    "He will come around soon. He may just be waiting for you."
    The old hugged her tight.
    More years have passed and the old became lonely as the youth hasnt came back.
    Soon one day she comes with her kids and husband.
    "They want to know your wisdom as I have asked you many times before."
    The youth smiled to the old.
    He smiled back.
    "You may not know it but soon you'll be just like me.
    Answering the youth and spreading your knowledge to them."
    A few days passed, and the youth was sad.
    The old had died.
    Now he watches her life pass away.