• Outcast sadness=me

    Am an outcast among my friends that pain,
    Causes my sadness to flourish once again.
    Am always left in the dark my only light is yards away I can never seem to be able to reach it that makes me feel like a dead fly on the windshield of everyone’s life. crying

    I may be a loyal friend but that won’t change a thing in a world like this, cry
    I just want them to know how I feel I really do wish.
    I tend not to show am sad or depressed,
    But now am gonna show am not to be messed,
    The new me is strong and the old me is put to rest.

    They treat me like rubbish but am gonna be tough again,
    Just you wait and see.
    Am never scared of anything and always say what I like and do what I wanna do,
    And am never gonna be like them just little old me!

    You may of thought the story was gonna be sad but I like to add a little twist!
    Am really odd yet unique in so many ways
    Never let your friends take advatage of you
    That’s what my mum always says! biggrin

    P.S to old me R.I.P……goodbye forever (am sorry it had to end like this but it with you it wasn't what i call bliss) sad