• Sometimes we wonder, why it had to be that way
    Sometimes we ask ourselves:
    Will it ever go away?
    I rue the day
    people say
    "It's over, he's gone, accept it."
    because I know, no one will ever forget
    Michael Jackson
    The Jackson Five
    The King of Pop
    Thriller, wich is stil the highest selling album in history
    I love him
    You love him
    We all miss him
    and those accusations
    the odd days in court
    the bribes, the lies, the....weirdness of it all
    we made fun of it then, but we miss it now more than anything
    we miss the good old days of michael when he was a young kid
    we miss the music videos that fueled a new generation
    the amazing, loving way he looked at life
    maybe, we could look at it that way, once in awhile
    when we think of him
    Michael Jackson
    You will be missed...
    -Kumiko chan-