• I knew a girl who looked in the mirror
    what she said was a thriller
    she said said she is fat,
    but she keeps gettin thinner

    wait it wasnt a girl it was a teen
    obsessed with the magazines
    wasn't no vegetarian but she only ate her greens
    when she saw meat in the cafeteria she feened
    she new it was disgusting but she only ate a can of beens,
    a day, it was her dream to be prom queen.
    neva understood what the peer pressure means

    day before prom her girl got navel piercings
    she new her momma would beat but the girls forced her to do all these things,
    her mother found out the next day, this teen didn't know what the punishment would be
    and forever she lived her life outside of school in her room

    cuz her mother didn't care if amillion dollars fell on the floor outside
    she punished until she was in college
    all this peer pressure turned into a punishment
    now she was locked up till she went to college, yea
    now look at her all grown up and knolledgeable
    now she understand what these people had done to her

    see the punishment for being stupid
    never try to lie or disobey your mother...User Image