• Oh father why, oh why oh why did you die
    Over the years I’ve started to cry
    If only I could have said goodbye.
    I love you daddy
    It’s not a lie
    I mustn’t cry
    I love you, I love you
    Its so very true
    That wreck was my fault
    I shouldn’t have closed the vault
    So many unspoken words were said
    That day I was told you were dead
    I write my sad poem on this day
    Forcefully wishing that you could stay
    My hands are tired,
    Covered in blood.
    I feel so wired,
    As if I were in a flood
    Why oh why did you die?
    I love you so,
    I don’t want you to go.
    Please daddy, please
    Stay by me.
    Maybe one day I’ll see
    That you were true
    My father always will you be .
    Oh father why, oh why oh why did you have to die
    Over the years I’ve started to lie
    Eyes full of tears
    From the day you had died
    My friends see me hurt.
    How the days fly me by.
    Did I tell you I loved you
    When you were still alive?
    Did I ever hug you
    Before you had died?
    My heart beats slow.
    Its almost time to go.
    I’ll try not to cry
    As I whisper my slow goodbyes.
    Oh father why, oh why did you die
    Was it because I told mother?
    I felt I had to.
    That’s not a lie.
    For I can’t tell a lie
    Or the angels would cry.
    Please daddy, please
    Won’t you forgive me?
    My whispered slow goodbyes