• All this must be over
    I feel the end coming nearer
    The darkness is getting thicker
    My thoughts bleaker
    I strangly welcome this
    Not wanting to live anymore
    I won't be able to go on now
    Nothing's more welcoming then this floor
    Suddenly the worst pain begins
    Right in my heart
    I scream out in shock and pain
    I want to fall apart
    The firy pain spreads slowly
    This was just excrutiating
    My screams come out more often
    Why was this happening
    Finally it's filled my body
    It's practically frying my brain
    I scream out loudly for someone to kill me
    I needed to escape this pain
    Hours go by so slowly
    Not one thing is wroth this
    I can't believe any of the pain
    I wanted the reapers kiss
    Then slowly the pain fadded
    From the smaller parts of me
    I felt stronger
    A reason for it un-seen
    Hours later it was over
    My hearts beats done
    My body had fought hard against the fire
    Yet neither had won