• Single guy
    man he needs a girl
    like emo's need a smile

    Single girl
    almost fifteen
    quite the little beauty queen
    locked behind her mask

    and he stares
    all day long
    even though it's wrong
    she stares back

    and they talk
    just like they're best friends
    but it's just for pretend
    till he moves on

    caught him the other night
    didn't want to start a fight
    but she knew it was wrong
    and her heart was
    broken to pieces
    for no apparent reason
    from what she saw
    and he knew
    didn't even care though
    too afraid to show
    it in front of his date

    and I stare
    but god I don't want to
    I don't want to care about you
    and you know
    you know you felt it
    stronger than I did
    you keep saying it's wrong
    but I know...

    maybe someday
    when we've BOTH aged
    you'll come back to me
    God, I hope you still care for me
    as many can see
    you're just...

    too good for me