• Im feeling my heart
    rip into two
    with not knowing
    what to do
    but i feel this pain
    inside me growing
    I really hope
    that its not showing

    no one needs
    to know the pain
    that i am
    going through

    they all have
    suffered enough
    Times are
    already tough
    I hope no one
    will call my bluff

    I wish you were
    right beside me
    You would take
    my hand in yours
    i would give you
    one big hug
    Dispite the
    gynormous tug
    against the feelings
    in my heart
    my brain
    making me
    think one way
    and my heart tells me
    to go the other way

    So confused
    with all these feelings
    what if were
    not mean to be
    and im just blind
    and can not see
    what is right
    in front of me
    telling me
    that these feelings
    you and me
    are not right and
    shouldn't be

    Im not sure
    what i should do
    Should i even
    try to tell you
    what ive been
    going through
    Or would it just
    make things
    much worse
    Bad enough
    to make
    somebody curse

    I know you'd try
    to understand
    You always do
    what you can
    but i hate seeing
    you upset
    expecially when
    its because of me

    SO confused
    on what to do
    I love you
    I miss you
    I need you
    What do i choose
    What if im wrong
    Maybe im just weak
    not strong
    and cant handle
    this decision
    I dont know
    what id do
    with out you

    but what if thats
    what has to happen
    to make things right

    What if i
    just think your the one
    but some other girl
    is meant for you
    and im keeping her
    from her true love
    a match made
    from above
    and i just don't
    want to edmit it
    cuz i want you
    for myself

    Ive run out of
    all ideas
    which is right
    my heart or mind
    can someone help
    please please please
    i don't want to make
    the wrong choice
    it scares me
    what might happen
    if i lose you
    but what if that's
    what i need to do
    Im so
    sooooo utterly confused