• For how long I have been falling into the darkest night
    Angels lost their wings , crying and weeping at humanity's big lose
    Deeper and deeper I go and the night is getting darker
    The sound of the cry is getting louder and louder
    "What have we done"
    Humanity is weeping for what they did
    They realize their mistake
    But they just stood their crying
    They always search for a savior, the crying is louder
    "Who killed the sun"
    I start loosing all connections with every thing around
    Nothing but darkness
    Even her image started fading from my mind
    I can't tell if i am dead or alive, am i still falling?
    "What have we done"
    The crying is louder than ever, am getting closer
    I can no more feel the angels
    Laughter .. of the demons echoes in my mind
    They enjoyed putting humans in that prison
    "Who killed the sun"
    There was light, their eyes were shinny
    The humans were looking up at the dark sky
    Waiting for the sun to shine
    Still, they stood there doing nothing but crying
    "What have we done"
    A human nature, we always wait for a savior
    We reach a level where we lose hope and cry
    Waiting for something from the sky
    We never search for an exit
    "Who killed the sun"
    We never question our mistakes
    We just blame each other
    And when ever we have a chance to change
    We just enjoy screwing it and be proud of that
    "What have we done"
    And when we realize our mistakes again
    We wait for a savior ...
    A savior that always had been a human
    A savior that WE always had created
    "Who killed the sun"
    We killed the sun, and we can make it shine again
    We can change
    We need the change to become our own saviors
    We can't keep waiting for the unknown
    "What have we done"
    I hit the ground, there were no humans
    I woke up on the boat alone
    In the sea of gods, looking at the shores of the desert of kings again
    I went no where.