• nothing last forever,
    so why am i forever hoping,
    hoping he will forget her,
    so he can come back to me,
    would i take him back,
    what would happen then,
    could i trust him?

    would he make the same mistake,
    would i forgive him,
    it's impossible to forget,
    but i could try,
    if thats what it takes,
    i'd do it just to be with him.

    I love him,
    he says he loves me,
    but how do i know,
    it's hard to believe,
    after what he did to me,
    why'd he have to cheat,
    he really hurt me.

    does he see it,
    how bad he's hurting me,
    does he feel it,
    the way i still do,
    the simplest touch,
    it's just to much.

    i'm stuck on him,
    for some reason it just won't go away,
    i thought it was beginning to disappear,
    but my feelings for you are still here,
    baby don't you feel it,
    we could be so much more than what we are.