• From the first time we talked
    to the day our lips met,
    events and moments I'll never forget,
    they're all stashed away
    in a hidden part
    of my mind, body,
    soul, and heart.
    Go on a journey
    through the places above
    and soon you'll find
    the Book of Love.
    Cherished memories
    on every page
    Timeless secrets,
    only ripened with age
    All the times that we laughed,
    Every word that you said,
    Each thought that I had
    about you in my head,
    It's all written down
    in our special book
    Refresh you memory
    with just one look.
    The notes that we passed,
    the e-mails you sent,
    and work that you showed me
    are things that meant
    the world ro me,
    just coming from you.
    And all those crazy
    things you do
    will forever remain
    between the covers
    of our soulbound book
    of lovers,
    hidden and bound by lock and key
    Secured deep inside of me,
    kept away in the depths of my heart
    to forever be kept a part
    of me and you,
    you and me,
    (the only ones that
    have the key)
    and the love that'll last
    an eternity.