• Heh power is what they want so they take the lives of the young ones that walk
    they say yeah we kno you like to talk but its better if you squawk

    Thats how we keep you under control in default mode with no where to go and no place to call home

    the only thing you have is what i give you, now that you can call your own, my prison will be your home, and if you try to break away then this metal shall be blown and all you'll ever see is the hole in your back

    the scars on his face and when you ask him what where you tryin to do he just smiled and said tryin to find a better place,

    so i leave you with this power may be what you want but your gonna have to try and pry it from my cold dead fist and if you are truly willing to go that far then maybe or should i say truly you are

    A deceiver, a liar, a hypocrite, and a fraud that doesnt under stand what i am livin for they say love is what truly lies in the heart but thats not what he said before his sight went completely dark.

    After a while the pulse rate said none so the only power you truly ever had was the Fear of the Gun.