• You spread rumors,
    You spread lies.
    With every lie,
    Someone dies.

    They die from,
    The pain you caused.
    Because you focused,
    On their flaws.

    You know some people,
    Just can’t stand.
    The lies you spread,
    While you’re on this land.

    With every lie,
    And every rumor.
    Their happiness,
    Just gets gloomer.

    I’m talking about,
    A single girl.
    And the way you made,
    Her life uncurl.

    She heard the rumors,
    And lies you spread.
    She goes home,
    Wishing she was dead.

    She goes to school,
    With tears in her eyes.
    She’d hear more lies.

    She tried to find ways,
    To let it all out.
    She doesn’t cry,
    Nor scream, nor shout

    She tries to write,
    To get her pain out.
    But hose are just words,
    Nothing but shouts.

    She can’t handle the pain,
    She gets from day to day.
    What she wants is,
    To take her life away.

    She found a new way,
    To rid of her pain.
    She cuts with a blade,
    The blood drips like rain.

    Do you realize yet,
    What you can do.
    By telling others,
    Things that aren’t true.

    No? Well guess what,
    The story’s not over.
    This girl’s life,
    Had no four leaf clover.

    She sat on her bed,
    With the blade in her hand.
    Cutting her arm,
    Too much pain to understand.

    The rumors and lies,
    She heard them again.
    But this time there from,
    The mouth of a friend.

    “You have no friends,”
    She says to herself.
    “Not even pretend.”
    She knows she needs help.

    She looks at her wrist,
    At the purple blue vain.
    She knows if she cuts it,
    There will be no more pain.

    She slides the blade,
    Across her wrist.
    Tiny drips of blood,
    Is the beginning of her wish.

    She’s tired of the pain,
    That’s inside her heart.
    The rumors and lies,
    The broke her apart.

    She takes the once more,
    Fresh blood on the top.
    Slicing faster and deeper,
    Her vain, it does rip.

    She bits her lip,
    So not to scream.
    Wishing her pain,
    Was only a dream.

    The blade falls in the blood,
    That’s spilled on the floor.
    Her head hits her pillow,
    She is no more.

    A mess of tears,
    Her family cries.
    All because,
    Of your lies.

    Do you realize now,
    What you have done.
    You terrorized her,
    And now she is gone.

    Live with the guilt,
    The pain and the sorrow.
    She’s not on vacation,
    She won’t come back tomorrow.

    What you don’t realize,
    Maybe your mind’s in a blur.
    Through your rumors and lies,
    You killed her.